Saturday, June 22, 2002

I was very dissappointed in the Brazil-England game. I felt that England had a legitimate opportunity to win the game. They got up one goal and then tried to sit on that lead against a scoring machine like Brazil! How silly! The second Brazilian goal was a silly mistake by the goal keeper who was caught off his line for no good reason. South American teams have always had England's number. But Continental European teams have always had Brazil's number: Holland, Italy, Germany, etc.

I enjoyed the Turkey-Senegal game and even though i was rooting for Senegal, I thought Turkey deserved to win and I am rooting for them to take the whole thing. Germany will definitely beat S. Korea, who had official help getting where they are, and Turkey could very well surprise Brazil, who can score but don't seem to know the Portuguese word for 'defense.' If Turkey could surprise Brazil and face Germany in the final . . . you never know! Germany is not the power-house they used to be.

Unfortunately, I was traveling during the U.S.-Germany game. It is a moral victory that we lost by only a goal!!!


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