Friday, October 25, 2002

Unfortunate news, Senator Wellstone is dead. We commend his soul to God.

It is bizzare that this should happen for the second year in a row. I'm not sure, but this could mean that the GOP has a real chance of getting the senate, it is pretty much agreed that they have the house. I think I'll cry for days if the GOP scores on all fronts. (It is a shame that all we can think of regarding Mr Wellstone's death are the political implications.)

This November I am voting on one thing alone, health care and prescription drug coverage. Republicans will not deliver, so it is Democrats all the way. However, it does not seem much will be done in this area over the next two years. If the GOP wins both houses, we might as well kiss health care and prescription drugs goodbye. If the Senate remains democrat, then they could pass something but reconciliation would be impossible. The senate is not the problem because, the Senators from Maine can be counted on to deliver for prescription drug coverage and health care, it is the house of reps that's the problem because the bills that come out of there on health care and prescription drugs are a sham.

It is horrendous, but over 40 million people have no access to health insurance. That is unconscionable. And then the problem with senoirs and drug costs is unbelievable. And then there's the problem of health insurance costs that's squeezing small businesses and from what I understand, maine is getting crushed because about 60% of its businesses are small businesses. This is why we can count on the Senators from Maine.


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