Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I was glad to see that Colin Powell spoke out in favor of affirmative action. I was shocked to see that even after supporting the anti-affirmative action case and then nominating judges with shaky civil rights pasts and the Trent Lott fiasco, President Bush went to worship at a Black church in Prince George's Co. for MLK. In his remarks, he noted that "prejudice is still present in America." Wow, what insight!

I am very curious to see what the Bush and Rove strategy for the 2004 election is. Regardless of what you say about them, they can strategize effectively and so I am curious about them writing off the Black vote. They are also flirting with, at least, splitting the Hispanic vote by potential Supreme Court nominations. Estrada, a potential nominee is no not liked by leaders of many Latino groups, but the Latino population is diverse and it is hard to see what the impact would be. I think the Bush camp is comfortable with the potential Latino vote, but I still think they are stradling the edge of a cliff.


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