Monday, October 20, 2003

John Kerry is on Hardball tonite and I suppose 95% of the hour will be dedicated to the Iraq issue. That whole issue is so played out, I am tired of it.

The Bush administration is now considering security guarantee talks with N. Korea after stonewalling for three years. Here is an incoherent foreign policy that makes no sense. For years people had said that we need to engage the N. Koreans but we refused to do so, like we refused to engage the Palestinian conflict, now we are left pixking up pieces and doing, two years late, what should have been done earlier. Even if the Bush admin did not want to give N. Korea non-aggression guarantees, the key was to keep them engaged in some sort of dialog. Instead Bush kept them at bay and guessing what the next move was. So in response, they ratchet up their nuke program and viola, there's possibly more nukes on the Korean peninsula.

My criticism is not partisan, my point is that they need to have a policy and be consistent with it.


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