Monday, January 05, 2004

I finally opened up an ebay store. We'll see how that works out.

Playoffs were yesterday and saturday. I am rooting for the Colts and Titans and eventually the Colts and Eagles in the super bowl, with a Colts win. That would be sweet redemption for Tony Dungy.

I am teaching a 6-week course on scripture. I've done it before and I'll say that it ain't easy but I love every moment of it. I just completed a course on Christian morality and I have come to really like teaching it. It was a subject that I kept away from like the plague, but I've taught it so often, it is almost like second nature.

Democratic campaigns are heating up. Dean is moving like a juggernaut, but flat will derail him seriously. Yepsen of the Des Moines register notes that there are too many undecideds out there which means that this Dean magic thing is not as magical as it sounds. Kerry is coming on strong in IA, I think he needs to sharpen his message a little more. Forget everything else and focus on three or four things. He is already focusing on national security and middle class taxes; add a couple other things and he'll be all set.

Clark is the wild card. The man is freaky, he does not blink. He has appeal, I'm not sure why, but I may not see through my biases. His ads have been lame, but then again, it is about the impact and message and maybe it is getting through. Although he is trailing Dean, Kerry and Liebermann in a CNN national poll. He slipped 3 points, which is not good being that he was leading national polls when he stepped into the race. Clark has ruled out a Dean VP spot. This may affect Dean somewhat, but not likely.

The Sunday debate was okay. There's still too many of them. Carol Mosely Braun needs to step down, it is obvious that she is not going to win anything. It makes for a more substantive discussion, even though yesterday was the first time that I thought she made much sense.


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