Tuesday, March 15, 2005

American Idol: Definitive Order of Elimination Predicted

Week 12 Lindsey Cardinale

Week 11 Nikko Smith

Week 10 Nadia Turner

Week 9 Scott Savol

Week 8 Mikalah Gordon

Week 7 Vonzell Solomon

Week 6 Bo Bice

Week 5 Jessica Sierra

Week 4 Anthony Federov

Week 3 Constantine Maroulis

Week 2 Anwar Robinson

Week 1 Carrie Underwood

This is not what I'd like to see, but rather how I predict things will shake out. Some observations:

1. Nadia Turner at 10 may be a mistake. She could easily go as high as 8. I just don't know who her fan base demographic is.
2. Carrie Underwood may bomb at some point as she's forced to try different genres. The thing about doing different genres is that it can shake your confidence. So we'll have to see. Chances of her losing the competition are slim.
3. I am not a fan of Anwar Robinson but I think he has a charm and the voice to take him all the way. He really needs to cut the runs and begin to sing the plain ol' melody.
4. Constantine's charm and looks will take him to the top five, but his voice is simply inferior to the rest, he made the top 12 on looks and personality and not talent.
5. Vonzell is the best singer I think, but she'll only go so far, because she is too adultish and people are not looking for the serious singer but an idol.


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