Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A White House Day Pass Should Be Easy, Nicht Wa?

Jeff Gannon is the male prostitute, who somehow gained regaular access to the White House to fake being a reporter, but whose real mission was to give Scott McClellan a way out or soft ball questions and to be used as White House propaganda. BTW, Jeff Gannon was not his real name and the White House knew this, but then he was a plant. Anyway, the White House had claimed he operated on a day pass (for approximately two years) and thus did not undergo the rigorous background check he should have. Republicans have further claimed that day passes are relatively easy to get, so there was no favoritism on display here.

Well, FishBowlDC, a new media operation that covers the Washington DC press, decided to take a stab at the day pass issue. After all, Gannon represented a fake news agency run by the GOP and the FishBowl DC is a legit news organization.

So did FishBowlDC get a day pass and is it as easy as the Republicans claim?

Here's FishBowlDC's story.


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