Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Afro-Brazilian Priest Expresses Concern

On CNN's page with Catholic reactions, I found this:

Jurandir Arauj, of the National Conference of Bishops Afro-Brazilian Section told Reuters: "It seems that he is too conservative. Hopefully the Holy Spirit can help him change. We expected a person like John Paul. Somebody who could give the Church alternatives ... open the Church to the world, look more at reality."

Interesting quote, but more importantly, I've met his guy! At the most recent National Black Catholic Congress in Chicago, a couple of years ago, we hosted an Afro-latino delegation from south and central America. They were from Brazil, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, etc. Now, that was an experience. Try coordinating three days of meetings with 10 adults who speak no English and you speak no Spanish, it was interesting.

I was very happy to meet them. It's always great to meet people of African descent around the world, brings back the shared memory of the homeland and is a reminder, never to be forgotten of the stain of slavery on this world. Anyway, Fr Jurandir, was part of that delegation. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to him because he spoke Portuguese (or portunhol?) and spanish and I spoke neither. He did give me a very cool cross from Brazil.

The Afro-Brazilian Catholic situation is a situation in need of much attention. Afro-Brazillian have retain so much of their African ancestory and so their Catholicism is a unique blend of both influences. I think that's great, on the other hand, it is a sign of extreme neglect by the Church. I imagine Fr Jurandir's not too excited about Pope Benedict's fight against the "dictatorship of relativism." Take heart bro, you are not alone.


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