Friday, April 08, 2005

Cardinal Law's Role Irks Boston Catholics

Washington Post reports:

By Jonathan Finer
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 8, 2005; Page A16

BOSTON, April 7 -- Cardinal Bernard F. Law left here in disgrace more than two years ago, resigning his position as Boston's Roman Catholic archbishop after revelations that he secretly transferred sexually abusive priests from unknowing parish to unknowing parish.

Now, to the astonishment and dismay of many Boston Catholics, Law has returned to the public spotlight after Pope John Paul II's death.

On Thursday, the Vatican announced that Law would be the only American prelate to lead one of nine daily Masses for the pope during a mourning period that follows his funeral Friday.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Vatican and Europe has very little, if any, respect for the United States. This is an example of that lack of sensitivity. One would think that perhaps, Cardinal Law would have deferred to someone else, understanding the emotions his high profile would stir.


Blogger Ambrose said...

On one hand this seems to be not just insensitivity. Wasn't it Ignatius of Antioch who wrote to some community that wasn't exactly fond of their bishop that they should take who they were sent?
On the other hand, there could be a complete absence of malice. It could be (a longshot in our imaginations, but within the realm of possibilities) that those who selected Law for this role were unaware of why he is in Rome instead of Boston, or at least not clear on all the details. With only 6% of the world's Catholics in the U.S., we are obviously seldom on the minds of the folks in the Vatican (except when we start bombing countries--that gets ANYONE'S attention).

3:47 PM  
Blogger Ono said...

We may be 6% of the world's Catholics, but we still pump in $100 million dollars to help the Vatican annually. I suspect that's more that 6% and a little respect would be nice.

Also, the US Catholic Church is the most influential regional church because for instance, our english translations of the liturgy and bible are used as the basis for translations into many other languages. Also, our media power is unprecedented.

So the US church may be 6% population-wise, but the influence is much, much, more, and the Vatican needs to stop treating us like an ATM and more like adults.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Ambrose said...

My hero John Allen breaks it down. Did you see it?
I love how Allen states things as they are, like he celebrates this Mass because it happens to be his job as the Cardinal at that Church. We should be more upset that he is stll on the Bishop selection council and Education and Law.

1:26 AM  

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