Monday, April 11, 2005

Edmund Husserl links

Husserl is the father of the philosophical school known as phenomenology. I happen to be writing on him and so I tend to look for useful links on him.

Here are some links to Husserl stuff:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Husserl

There's the Husserl Page (Very searchable)

Here's Edmund Husserl's article on Phenomenology that he wrote for the Encyclopedia Britannica. Often referred to as one of the clearest statements of what phenomenology was about.

The term 'phenomenology' designates two things: a new kind of descriptive method which made a breakthrough in phi­losophy at the turn of the century, and an a priori science derived from it; a science which is intended to supply the basic instru­ment (Organon) for a rigorously scientific philosophy and, in its consequent applica­tion, to make possible a methodical reform of all the sciences. Together with this philo­sophical phenomenology, but not yet sepa­rated from it, however, there also came into being a new psychological discipline parallel to it in method and content: the a priori pure or "phenomenological" psychology, which raises the reformational claim to be­ing the basic methodological foundation on which alone a scientifically rigorous empiri­cal psychology can be established.

Crisp and clear. Don't you just love German clarity?

Here's Husserl's Inaugural Lecture at Freibourg im Breisgau in 1917 on Pure Phenomenology, Its Method and Its Field of Investigation

Here's a bunch of links on Husserl

Husserl's Formal Ontology Quotes, snippets, links and bibliography

And there's the Unveristy of Freibourg Husserl page in German


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