Friday, April 29, 2005

MD Senate Race: Mfume Denies Allegations

Senate Hopeful to Persevere in Campaign

Former NAACP president Kweisi Mfume vowed last night to press ahead with his campaign for the U.S. Senate and battle accusations that he gave raises and promotions to women he was dating while heading the nation's oldest civil rights organization.

"How does one defend against a rumor, a whisper or innuendo?" he said to thundering applause from supporters in Prince George's County. "You do that by standing up, standing tall, standing for what you believe in and, most of all, not quitting."


A few minutes into his speech, Mfume said he was going to refute the allegations "once and for all" and then not speak of them again. [...]

Where . . is that . . . Chris Van Hollen for Senate page???

I am so ticked. I held this guy in such high esteem which is why I am very dissappointed. I know stuff happens so I'm not getting all self righteous and all. It's just that the NAACP brought him in precisely to clean up its image after a bunch of scandals and all this while, we thought things were looking good and then this. It's more about my expectations than him.

When you are a black man in the public eye, there is little room for error (fair or not). We've got Obama in the U.S. Senate with a great image, who makes us all proud. Carol Mosely Braun, one-time Senator from Illinois was an embarassment. Right now, we need squezky clean--can't afford any shenanigans. Oh, and we don't want the Black Republican candidate, Michael Steele.


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