Friday, May 20, 2005

Introducing the reDiscovery Institute

Via Leiter Reports

Here's the website for the reDiscovery Institute

The reDiscovery Institute is non-profit, non-partisan, public-policy think-tank located in Tacoma, Washington, with branches in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas. The reDiscovery Institute fosters integration of science education with traditional Judeo-Christian principles of free market, limited government, morality, faith, property, obedience and anti-intellectualism.

Our primary focus is to extend and promote Design Theories, which have been so successful in Biology, to the fields of Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Oceanography, Material Science, Acoustics, Condensed Matter Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Nuclear Physics, Anthropology and Mathematics.

These guys mean business. They are taking on the Periodic table and the Solar System in order to get "both sides" of the debate.


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I love the 10 questions!!!

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