Monday, August 13, 2007

Buffalo Bills' Debrief

So it was Bills v Saints. It was the Saints second preseason game and it showed. They were sharper and over all better. As for the Bills . . . what to say.

I think everyone was disappointed with both first team offense and defense. At the same time, you can't get too down. I am a believer in preseason performance so I never get the dismissive attitude shown towards preseasons. The big thing in Bills' lore is how Marv Levy's Superbowl teams never won preseason games. However, if you watched those games, the first stringers absolutely torched everyone and were ushered off the field quicker than you could bat an eye lash.

This game was overall more positive than negative. Depth this year is going to be more important than ever and our second stringers were extremely impressive and third and fourth stringers did very well.

Offense: Obviously more work is needed. It is hard to see how JP, Evans and Lynch can be constrained--no worries there. The question is consistency of the OLine and TE play. I'm one of those who is a believer in our receiving corps. I think Reed is solid, I think Price is still quite good and Parrish is going to be the next best thing since muffin wraps.

Defense: Bend-don't break. With the Hargrove substance abuse suspension and foolishness and the night club fight, etc, we are thin. I see this defense giving up chunks of yardage. I do believe, though, that they can come up with big plays when they need to and I see them winning turnover battles, which is actually the key. If you can surrender 3s instead of 7s and kill long drives with turnovers, you'll win games.

Special teams will be solid.

I was impressed with Jabari Greer who is fighting for an established spot with the DBs. Youboty, our 3rd pick from last year, I think will end the year as the second corner next to McGee. That's my hunch. He's a gifted kid and has big play potential written over him.


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