Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Maybe I was wrong about Voyager, may be it is somewhat anti-religious. I don't think they ever did decide what to do with it. Last nite's rerun was about a race of aliens in the delta quadrant, one of whom discovers the existence of human beings. Moreso, he discovered that both races must hail, at least according to the scientific evidence, from the same planet. This race was a race of dinosaurs who left the earth in the early stages of its development and evolved and thrived in the delta quadrant. Well, their history and myths said that they were originally from the delta quadrant and thus the new discovery about humans and earth was certain to undermine the fundamental assumptions that they had about themselves. So they have a Church-Galileo type trial, with the victim scientist only searching for truth and the religious authorities unconcerned with scientific truth, as their only concern is with maintaining the status quo.

You would think that they could come up with something a touch more original as far as Catholic bashing goes.


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