Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The Buffalo Bills, by signing seven of coach Gregg Williams' assistants to 2 year contracts, have shown a commitment to him. He went from 3-13 in the first year to 8-8 his second year. The big issue is the off season roster moves and draft picks. The Raiders have made it clear that the AFC is going to have to contend with a short passing game that eschews the run. That means teams have to invest in more coverage type linebackers or more defensive backs. The other key thing is to have skilled pass rushers that can disrupt the Oakland timing and also bully their receivers.

The Bills have 2 lock down corners and emerging safeties, they need at least two more very good corners and a serious pass rush threat. Offensively, we could use a tight end and if Peerless Price leaves, a decent #3 reveiver, we already have to quality ones sans Prince, Muolds and 2nd year man, Josh Reed.

Could next year finally be the year for the Bills???


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