Wednesday, March 26, 2003

In watching war coverage it is interesting to the same the instances of convergence and divergence in the US and British war message. The UK forces were quick to note that there was a shi'ite uprising in Basra and that they were supporting it. However, Rumsfeld, in no uncertain terms back away from such a stand. he said that he was old enough to remember the uprisings in Eastern Europe in the 50s against the USSR adn how they were brutally crushed. For this reason he said the he did not encourage any uprisings which would result in wasted deaths unless the people were absolutely sure that forces were committed to supporting them. However, Tony Blair did allude the the uprisings in Basra in 1991 and that the British this time would not abandon them. This is significant because I don't think that the US has even acknowledged abandoning the anti-Sadam uprisings even though Bush 41 encouraged them. This of course has been the Elephant in the living room. So with Blair openly acknowledging this and promising support, I think we can begin to sweep this Elephant out of the room.

It has been reported that a division of the Republican Guard is heading south to confront the Marines. This I think is the height of stupidity for Iraqi war planners. Their strength has been their dispersal. Now they are proceeding, 5000-7000 strong down south and make a perfect target. I will remember to pray for their souls. Update: Brig. Gen Vincent Brooks has denied such reports of Republican Guard movement. That would make more sense.

On NPR I listenend to some stories about the psychological horrors for regular civilians in regard to the bombing. It is horrid especially for the kids. I can't even imagine. Many parents say they try to distract the kids with games and songs and prayer when they hear the bombs and jets whistling by. One can only imagine the long term psychological effect of this horrifying event on all these families. It is also heart breaking to hear the stories of Iraqi Americans who call daily to find out if their families are still alive. It is all so morbid. This is the horror of this kind of war. Sadam Hussein does not care about these people and has put us in a position that we have to cause such horror. Hopefully we can make it up to these people someday.


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