Sunday, March 23, 2003

Approximately 7 dead and 5 pows on Sunday morning of a maintenance division that was carrying supply stuff.

I was miserable when I heard that and remained that way through out Mass. My question was quite simply, how? It simply did not make sense that 12 coalition forces would be captured and treated so inhumanely. What irritated me the most was that it seemed that the Pentagon did not know about this, in fact, it is safe to say the administration was ignorant for the most part. What kills me is that isn't accountability at the heart of the military fraternity? At some point someone has to know that someone is missing.

Of course, during the day the situation was clarified. It is was inexcusable. What happened was that some of the supply convoy took a wrong turn and were ambushed buy Iraqis. This is unacceptable. On my way to the store, I can take a wrong turn, in war you cannot take a wrong turn you do not have that luxury, perfection or darn close to it is expected or this is what happens. I am very angry about the pow situation, because it was a mistake that could have been avoided and because they have been treated in the worst way. However, we cannot take it out on the Iraqi people, nor can our men and women lose sight of the objective. We can only pray for lost lives and those live pows, for their safe return.

Apparently the Russians have been supplying technology to Iraq in violation of UN security regulations. I will not say anything in regard to the Russians because my remarks will be overly intemperate.


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