Wednesday, May 14, 2003

24, TV show on Fox, continues its fast pace and ridiculous twist to its season finale. Overall, its been a good show. However, how many things can possibly go wrong in one day? Anyway, they do have me guessing and looking eagerly to see what will happen next week. Of course, I am irritated that the nation's first Black president gets shafted and what are the chances that we get a Black Democrat President and no Black cabinet members? His cabinet invoked the 25th ammendment and had him deposed. Stupid story line, but lets go along with it. Is it possible that there would be absolutely no loyalty from his Cabinet only a few hours after he averted a major terrorist attack? Also if there were some Black and Latino Cabinet members, he probably won't have been deposed. Also, besides the President and his wife, Black people are completely absent from this show as they are from tons of other shows. Why?


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