Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I have to confess that this Democrat is not all together opposed to tax cuts. I will say thought that I was listening in on the House, Ways and Means committee vote yesterday as they debated the tax proposal and was dissappointed. I would wholeheartedly support a tax break on the first $20,000 of income which was proposed by a Democrat. We all know that it would do wonders for the economy and really help the poor and the middle class out. But God forbid the Republicans think about compassion and helping out the little guy (I allow myself this cheap shot).

Somehow in all this, there has to be an investment in our future. Investments come in spending programs as well as tax cut programs because either way, the government has to bear the burden but can count of revenue returns as a direct result of the outlay. However, the investment notion gets lost because it is not sexy enough to get one re-elected. Oh well.

I don't watch American Idol, but if I did, I would think that Kimberly Locke is on the chopping block. I think she is the best singer of the group but no one can match the voting power of the teenie boppers who worship Clay, Josh and Ruben. We'll see tonite . . .of course, even though I don't watch that show . . .ahem (clear throat).

24 on Fox has taken a very stupid turn. The 25th ammendment was invoked and the VP spearheaded a take over declaring the president unfit to rule the country and the Cabinet supported him. For a show that has displayed an exceptionally tight script with the exception o f the Kim Bauer storyline, that was nothing short of dumb.

Alias' season finale was disaster with an interesting gimmick twist at the end. My wife and I think that they must have gotten new writers this season because the quality went down faster than the economy under President Bush.

It is interesting, but when you have daughters it is very difficult to imagine having a son, at the present time I have absolutely no desire to have a son. I just think little girls are such a blast. Of course, if I do get a son at some point, I would change my mind completely, but at the present time I just don't get the fixation with sons. A friend of mine asked why I wasn't crazy about having a son, "don't you want someone to play football with or teach how to fish?" Well, girls can play football or sports and fish just fine, is my response. I've gotten a little sensitive on this point because I do think that girls are view as somewhat second class.

Speaking about football, how 'bout 'em Bills!!!! Kick Butt!!!!


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