Thursday, July 24, 2003

NFP and Romance

One of the arguments or talking points used by NFP advocates is that fact that the use of NFP, which creates natural periods of absinence, develops romance in a relationship because the couple finds other ways than sex to be intimate.

I think for clarity sake, NFP provides the opportunity for couples to focus and develop other aspects of romance independent of sex, but NFP is not a direct cause of increase in romance.

I do think that NFP is a direct cause of chastity in marriage, chastity being proper integration of sexuality in a person. I note quickly that celibacy is not the same thing as chastity. A celibate person could easily be as unchaste as a married person can be chaste. If a celibate is obssessed with the notion of sex then he or she is not chaste. On the other hand a married couple who has found a way to fit sex into their relationship so that it is not the center of attention is chaste. I do think NFP can do that for a couple.

One problem in our society is that sex has become front and center in most relationships so that it is the determinant of where the relationship goes. A relationship should be about friendship and sex should fit into that equation in a balanced way. I think NFP is good for that balancing act and creating natural conditions for the development of a friendship.


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