Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The North Korea situation is getting very interesting and dire. They have prepared enough plutonium to make a few bombs accoriding to what they have told the US. What irks me is that this has become primarily a US-North Korea issue, when infact the UN and NATO need to be heavily involved as well as the Pacific Rim countries.

The lack of ostensible participation is a clear result of the the US's lack of leadership displayed in a frequent disdain for international sensitivities and opinions. Like the India Pakistan potential nuclear conflict that was brewing last year under the radar, this is a potential grade A problem.

Yesterday, NAACP leaders made inflammatory remarks describing Republicans as people who hide behind the flag and the Confederate Swastika. Now I'm no friend of the Republican party but such a characterization is uncalled for and does nothing but inflame the situation.

I do think 2004 is now shaping up to be interesting. It is clear that there will be an economic recovery in 2004 but will that be enough to keep Bush in office? I'm not so sure, I do think passions are rising on both sides and next year's turnout could be phenomenal which could greatly affect swing states and even the South. If the Black and Hispanic turnout is very good, Republicans may suffer some surprising defeats. The one good thing about a good election fight is that it pumps millions of dollars into the economy.


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