Friday, August 29, 2003

I finally finished editing my manuscript and now I have to send it in to the publishers. At the present time I am sick of the manuscript. I don't think I could look at it another minute. Nonetheless, I like it very much--now let's see if people like it.

I'm currently working on another novel called One in a Million. I know the characters quite well but I'm not sure where to take the story. It will be a laid back story about friends, one guy is a mid level professional, there's an ambitious professional lady, there's a couple of priests, and a mysterious woman who has her demons.

Also, I had finished a novel that I called For the Wings of a Dove but when my wife read it, she liked it but made a comment about two characters in it that I really liked. She said that they were boring. Well, that comment has caused me to all but revise the entire book to accommodate a new story line for these characters. I think that the novel is going to take another major turn. This it the third time this is happening. The first time, I merged one of my short stories into the completed novel and split a character into two, which resulted in a major overhaul. This time, I want to create additional theaters for the characters. It would result in more editing, but this time, it really is creating and independent story and then fitting it in . . . which, actually, is a lot of work.

Another story I am working on is a science fiction drama that will have some remote ties to Table of the Lord. I am still trying to work out a good and full story. I have a basic thrust and a couple of the characters floating around in my head.


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