Thursday, August 14, 2003

Washington Post: Tax Cuts Will Do the Job, Bush Says

CRAWFORD, Tex., Aug. 13 -- President Bush said today that he has no plans for new measures to stimulate the economy and that he has faith his tax cuts will fuel job growth over the next year.

Bush, talking to reporters after a ranch summit with his economic team, did not answer directly when asked whether the nation will have as many jobs when he faces reelection as it did when he took office. But he said he believes strongly that his two tax cuts totaling $1.7 trillion are "going to have a very positive effect on economic growth and vitality."

President Bush's economic plan is to cut taxes in favor of the wealthy and then hope it stimulates the economy. One would hope that a President, any President, would have more up his sleeve to stimulate the economy. Clearly not an effective President seeing that he is leaving the economic recovery to chance.


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