Monday, August 04, 2003

The Washington Post is reporting that Colin Powell and Richard Armitage are retiring from the State Department after Bush's term is up.

Powell has been under immense pressure as a moderate dove among reactionary hawks. He has been criticized for not being forceful enough on Bush's conservative handlers' policies. But I think the present N. Korea situation speaks volumes on his effectiveness. He has taken an intractable situation and provided a viable diplomatic solution.

Dr. Rice and Wolfowitz are reported to be front runners for the Secretary of State position. Wolfowitz would be a disaster. He would be much better off as national security adviser. I think Rice has been tainted by this whole unranium flap. She just doesn't seem to have a voice in this administration. Her roles seems to be interpretive as she mediates between internal warring factions: state and defense.

Hopefully, Powell will return in some capacity to serve on tha national level, perhaps on the Democratic ticket or cabinet position, when the Democrats take back the White House. (And someone please tell Hillary not to run for President, we'll lose!!)


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