Wednesday, August 13, 2003

You always hear about computer viruses and such but never think it will happen to you. Well, I caught the latest worm at a very inopportunte time. At first I thought it was my Dell computer and so I called Dell, but I couldn;t get through. Fortunately, they had a prompt on the voice response that had an option for dealing with the Microsoft XP problem. So I went to the Microsoft support page, entered the reference number given and was able to download the patch that fixes the problem.

I normally get a prompt that asks me to check for recent updates from Microsoft. Never again will I ignore that.

On the pleasant side of things. We sell used books at our Catholic Gift Store and I decided to put some of them on Ebay. Well, would you know it, I've just about gotten multiple bids on everyone of them. Thank you Jesus!

My "Catholics for Kerry" Yahoo Group is coming along slowly but I hope it builds up steam as the primaries get closer. I think it is important to show that Kerry's positions are not essentially opposed to the Catholic vision of society. There is a disagreement on process rather than goals.


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