Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Bills are going into Kansas City this Sunday. Conventional wisdom has the Bills losing this to the high flying chiefs. But I had conventional wisdom for lunch and it was delicious and I have no more use for it. I'm taking the Bills, 33-24. What people are forgetting is that the Bills, coming into the season, were the pick of the experts as the team most likely to surprise. So the recent win against Washington was no fluke.

USA Today has a report on a memo by Rumsfeld to his senior staff painting a grim picture of failing efforts in the war of terrorism. For all his issues, and the fact that can't stand him, I am impressed that, at the least, he is recognizing and asking tough questions. I can imagine that the administration is bristling at the revelation of this memo and someone is going to be working overtime on the spin control

I am teaching a class on Christian morality. It is great to be teaching again. This is a 6 week class for adults and it is always fun teaching adults who are there because they want to learn. I do have to do an hour seminar of the Pope's latest encyclical on the Eucharist. That should be interesting. The problem is that this seminar is meant to be somewhat introductory but the encyclical almost assumes basic knowledge because it is written to curb "abuses" and it thus has a polemical tone, which is not the best didactic tone to adopt. So I may just end up teaching that seminar from the Catechism and then go over what the Pope had to say.


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