Saturday, January 22, 2005

Following up on my marital arts post below. My brother and I serendipitously found a video at Blockbuster called, Fighting Black Kings, about a martial arts tournament in Japan. It attracted the best in the world including, four Americans.

The video follows all four through their training and then the competition. Great stuff, in fact, I found myself plopping down $13.00 for my own personal copy just this morning. Here's the deal, if I still pine for this video after so many years, almost a decade, then chances are I'll still be interested in it years from now.

It was from watching this video that I learned two things. First, was that tournament fighting is not about finesse. It is still strength and speed and agressiveness. The fancy finesse guys did not quite cut it. Although, there was this Black American dude, who was cat quick, light and finnese based, but he was very good. The second thing was more a fighting tactic. The Japanese karate guys were very aggressive. During a fight with the Chinese Kung fu guy, the japanese guy kept jab-style kicking his opponent on the calf muscle. It did not seem to make any sense, until two minutes into the fight, the Chinese guy collapsed because his leg couldn't support him any longer. clever. I never got a chance to use that because we were never allowed to hit below the belt and I never did any competitions post-video.

A quick final point. Even with Bruce Lee, who is the ultimate in finesse, he was very aggressive albeit in his very controlled way. Bruce Lee said, when hitting, aim for a point six inches after contact, punch through the person. That was all mind. My Master was similar in that he emphasized accuracy. His thing was that if you could target and hit the solar plexis in the first punch, you wouldn't have to throw another. Anyway, in conclusion, what would Jesus do? Would he favor a round house to the head, or would he be more of straight up type?


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