Monday, January 31, 2005

Tim Roemer for DNC Chair

I am supporting Mr Roemer for DNC chair. I watched him quite a bit on the 9-11 commission and liked him. He understands the process of elections, how they work, how to win (in a Red state). He understands the importance of allowing the party to retain its platform of choice, but not chasing away pro-lifers who feel more at home with the Democratic Party, similar to John Kerry's approach. He's good on national security. He will uphold the Party's platform on Bush's "privatization" scheme. He's from the midwest and would be a good spokesperson for the Party.

Dean would be a nightmare. Frost would be okay. Rosebberg would be good. Fowler, I'm no longer in favor. His dad was once DNC chair and it appears his dad tried unsuccesfully to muscle an endorsement through this morning.


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