Monday, January 24, 2005

Via Peggy from the Catholics for Kerry group, here is another quiz: how fascist are you?

The F scale - this is a replica of a survey performed in the US in 1946 by critical theorist Theodor Adorno (co-founder of the Frankfurter School of
Critical Theory together with Horkheimer) - answer 30 questions and you get a
score on the 'F Scale' which was supposed to "measure fascist receptivity at a
personality level".

Take The F scale Test

Phew! I'm not a fascist. My score was 3.67 "You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American."

My favorite question: "People can be divided into two distinct classes: the weak and the strong."

Scores of 3 and below are liberal "airhead," 4.5 and above, "You need to use your left hand more."


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