Wednesday, March 30, 2005

American Idol Analysis Week 10

First, here's the definitive order of picks. Made prior to the beginning of the top 12.

The theme this week was songs from the 90s, whatever the heck that means.

Nikko Smith--Very good voice, strong entertainer, horrible wardrobe and his siniging style and song selection scream niche. I think he is safe this week. He is busting my bracket, I had him leaving second.

Nadia Turner--I think she's out this week. No one knows what she is about. During the lead up to the final 12 she created the image of fun loving rocker Tina Turner, but then she mixes it up with other weird stuff and no one knows what she is all about. She's out this week.

Scott Savol--Weak performance tonite, but still very sincere. I don't know what possessed him to take a stab at Brian McKnight. That's a recipe for disaster. He was lacking energy and passion tonite.

Vonzell Solomon--Again, why would anyone in their right mind pick a challenging Whitney Houston song? She did good, but her limitations are painfully obvious when compared to Whitney. Otherwise, she is a great singer.

Bo Bice--Weird performance IMHO. He had the energy, but song choice was kind'a strange. I think the bloom is off the rose for him.

Jessica Sierra--I think she's safe, but it was an unremarkable performance, bland and uninteresting.

Anthony Federov--Sang Elton John and found out what many find out the hard way, Elton John makes it look too easy. I have this guy surviving till #4, but more performances like this and he'll bust my bracket.

Constantine Maroulis--Very good performance. He's sporting a 6 o'clock grunge shadow which makes him look sick and creepy. He needs to drop it. He'll be around for a while but he is not going to win.

Anwar Robinson--I finally figured this guy out. I think he is a natural jazz vocalist which explains the tone and tendency to veer off melody and even counter it. He sang "I believe I can fly," Not sure what to say. I don't think it was a good song for his voice type. It's like listening to Stevie Wonder. Stevie is unbelievable until he tries to sing Ave Maria and you go, "yuck dude!"

Carrie Underwood--She's a star. All she has to do is coast, not offend anyone and give adequate performances and she'll survive til the finals.

Overall, not great or memorable performances. I predict Nadia is out and Federov is begining to show signs of weakness. However, Simon was hard on him and he seemed hurt by Simon which can draw a huge sympathy vote. We'll see.


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