Wednesday, March 23, 2005

American Idol Analysis

I can't believe anyone would have time to watch this show. But I will indulge those who have time for such frivolity and give you the benefit of my analysis. For the record, I do not watch the show, I merely observe it:

First, here's the definitive order of picks.

Nikko Smith--Poor song choice. Singing style, has limited appeal, clearly an excellent vocal technician but I don't see much of a fan base. He's out next.

Nadia Turner--What the heck was that with the hair? 80s throwback? I don't think so. She sang "Time after time" which is a delicate sensitive song and she butchered it. She rushed through the song, vocals were flat, and tried to give it a Tina Turner "rolling" pizzazz which was a mistake and then at the end tried to capture the somber mood of the original.

Scott Savol--Where did this guy come from? Not an A+ song choice (Phil Collins' "Take a Look at Me Now"), but he brought his A game. He comes across as very sincere. I misunderestimated him. I had him going out at #9 before Mikalah, how dumb was that?

Mikalah Gordon--Rule #1, do not sing songs by Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin and Taylor Dane (BTW, what happened to her and Irene Cara?). I honestly don't know who her fan base is. She's a goner.

Vonzell Solomon--I wasn't sold on the performance. She's got big vocals and personality and I think that'll carry her some way, but with Scott gaining momentum, I don't see how she'll get past #6. She tends to shout a bit and there is that sense of control in her voice.

Bo Bice--I had him going out at week 6. You can call me a moron at this point, I'll accept. This guy is unbelievable. He is the real deal. I'm speechless. I'll buy his record.

Jessica Sierra--She sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart," one of my all time favorites. As usual, you gotta capture the orginal or go some place else with the song. Her performance didn't do much for me, but I think she resonates with people and not just because she's pretty. I think her fan base is perhaps the most varied. I have her going out at week 5 which I think is fair.

Anthony Federov--I like him. He tends to start slow but has great recovery speed. He is pleasant to watch and listen to.

Constantine Maroulis--Dude sang "i think I love you" by the Patridge Family. The guy is a natural performer. I have him ending up as the second runner up. I don't see him winning the Idol thing outright, but he's maximizing his limited vocal gifts with great stage presence and a charmy quirkiness.

Anwar Robinson--He's a refreshing kind'a guy, very unique voice tone. You never panick with him because you know he is always in control of his performance. He did Chaka Khan's "Ain't nobody" which is tough enough as it is. I though it was okay, but like Diana DeGarmo last year, I think he'll sail through untouched to the finals.

Carrie Underwood--I don't see how anyone can stop her, period. She is a star that has been waiting to happen. I didn't think tonite was her best performance. She obviously is a close-your-eyes and sing type, but she sang with her eyes open and seemed distracted. Nonetheless, the Rapture would have to occur between now and the final for her not to be the last one standing.

This was a much better show than last couple of years when they were asked to sing #1 hits. The last couple of years, the contestants picked obscure weird songs that had everyone scratching their heads when they had all this great billboard #1's to pick from. This time around, song selection was very good.


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