Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday--Just Another Day?

Good Fridays are so stange because it is the most solemn day of the year, but for everyone else it's just another day. It does get weird trying to balance the gravity with normal interactions.

My Friday Brain music mix so far has been Handel's "Thy Rebuke has broken his heart . . . Behold and see, if there be any sorrow, like unto his sorrow . . ."

and the other tune that's swirling around in the brain is a song I had heard eons ago called, "If God is dead." Unfortunately, I don't know all the words. It ends something like, "If God is dead, then who makes my life worth living. I'm glad, I know he lives, he lives, he lives, he lives, he lives."

I normally try to listen to Handel's Messiah at some point during the Triduum and I also try to watch Ben Hur. Ben Hur is the only film that I feel has really ever captured the fullness of the death of Christ. I guess the reason is that the story of Christ is about what he's done for us. And in the story of Judah Ben Hur, the power of Christ shines through: the healing, the forgivess, the teaching, providence. We'll see if there are enough hours in the day to accomplish this.


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