Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Objection, your Honor! Leading the Witness

MSNBC's Question of the Day: Do you think removing a feeding tube is unethical in all cases?

Even with such a loaded and leading question, as of 1:21 pm ET, 30,000 + have voted and 74% say no.

So much for our much heralded liberal media.


Blogger TFtR said...

But even a conservative Catholic like me would answer no to that poll question. So would the Pope.

It's not immoral to remove a feeding tube if the feeding tube is harmful to the person or if the person's body cannot process the food.

The poll does not dispel the fact that the media is liberal. Rather, the poll simply shows that most people, even the ones that support feeding tubes, don't fully understand the teaching.

The poll question I would like to see asked and answered is: Is it ethical to starve someone to death?

3:48 PM  

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