Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Saving ANWR

Even though I hardly post about environmental issues, the environment is one of the top issues for me. It was what turned me off Bush in 2000 after I voted for him, i.e, the Kyoto thing.

A side note. One big reason I voted for Bush in 2000 beside the "pro-life" issue was the environment. I thought that since he was a "good" man with a conscience and that since he was such a friend of big business, that God would touch his heart and make him talk to his big business friends and perhaps agree to raise the mileage requirements for vehicles. I know, I know. Some people have even called me a Black blonde.

Anyway, I mention ANWR because I got an email from Kerry today and acted on it. And to my delight I see that on Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, Steve and Nathan are kicking butt on environmental issues including ANWR.


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