Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maryland Governor's Race: Duncan vs O'Malley

Duncan goes after rival on stemcells

Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan lashed out yesterday at Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley, suggesting that his likely rival for the 2006 Democratic gubernatorial nomination was partly to blame for the recent demise of state legislation on stem cell research.

Appearing at a conference in North Bethesda examining the business potential for the research, Duncan accused O'Malley of showing "only tepid support" for bills considered this year by the Maryland General Assembly. The legislation, which died on the final day of the session, would have provided state funding for embryonic stem cell research and bolstered Maryland's biotechnology sector and research universities, Duncan said.

"Even though Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University has done ground-breaking stem cell research already, the Democratic mayor of that city remained silent on this issue until the very last day of the session," Duncan said, referring to an Annapolis news conference at which both Democrats appeared. "Getting the mayor actually involved in the substance of this issue could have made a difference."

Doug Duncan for Governor!

I think O'Malley is trying to play to the Catholic vote. He figures he has the Blatimore Black voting block and now needs to get the Catholic vote. I think Duncan would make a far more effective governor. He has run one of the nation's most progressive counties for 8 years and done a very good job.


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