Saturday, May 14, 2005

George Allen, R-VA, Republican 2008 Presidential Hopeful Does Not Speak English

Mark Schmitt of the Decembrist observes that Senator George Allen literarly does not speak English:

Neither one of these characters rises to even the middle tier of mediocrity, but there's something fascinating about Allen: He does not speak English. I mean that almost literally, in that he does not construct sentences made up of commonplace English words. Rather, he speaks entirely in a patois constructed of football metaphors. Absolutely everything is second down or third down, or five yards or ten yards or a Hail Mary. If you were unfamiliar with the basic jargon of American football (as many people are), his every word would be incomprehensible. His official photo on his web site has him holding a football. Try going through a day using a football (or baseball or basketball) metaphor for every conversation, and you get a sense of what it would be like to be George Allen.

Truth is, he has a reputation for being . . . not very sharp. I'd say that increases his chances for the Republican 2008 nomination.

Of course George Allen is well known for his Pro-Confederate views. It is his desire to see April as Confederate History Month. He also once proudly displayed a Confederate Flag in his living room. BTW, he is the current GOP presendential frontrunner. He also drives around with a Confederate Flag on the hood of his car.


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