Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Just Watched Independence Day on FX

I think Independence Day has to make my top 5 list, gives me the chills every single time. I just love the indestructability of the human spirit. And of all the big president speeches in any movie (even William Wallace's), this one tops it. I get excited everytime i hear it, and I've heard it quite a few times. I just love it when the Prez says,

"No, we will not go quietly into the night,
we will not vanish without a fight!"

About then, I'm about ready to kick some alien butt too.

That is one Will Smith performance that I think is perfect. I hate him in Ali, that has to be one of the worst movies ever. This one is a natural Will Smith performance, funny, authentic, passionate. The character is Will Smith, he doesn't have to try to be anyone else.

At first I could not stand Jeff Goldblum, but after my 36th viewing, he has grown on me. After all, it took 15 viewings of Jurassic Park for me to like his character. I liked him in the Fly, but that was nasty and I'd rather forget that.

I also noticed that the musical score is very old school, not overwhelming, swells when it needs to, good accompaniment, whimsical at times . . .

Good stuff.


Blogger Talmida said...

Except for all the flag-waving stuff -- definitely one of my favorite movies. I like is it Randy Quaid who plays the drunk crop duster? That was a cool family, and of course, Will Smith -- who wouldn't love him?!

I didn't like Data stuck down there in area 51, but I did get the joke, so I let it go.....LOL

5:57 PM  
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