Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Why care about the environment when the rapture is imminent?"

Oh wait! No, I did not quite say that!

James Watt, former Reagan Interior Secretary, in Washington Post column defends himself:

Their tactics are familiar. I encountered them more than 20 years ago as President Reagan's secretary of the interior, when I clashed with extreme environmental groups adept at taking out of context -- or in some cases creating -- statements that, once twisted, were attributed to me as if they were my religious views.

Now political activists of the religious left are refreshing those two-decades-old lies and applying them with a broad brush to whole segments of the Christian community: "people who believe the Bible," members of Congress and "Rapture proponents." If these merging groups -- the extreme environmentalists and the religious left -- are successful in their campaign, the Christian community will be marginalized, its conservative values maligned and its electoral clout diminished.


Okay, here is the "this allegations as presented are without merit" denial.

If such a body of belief exists, I would totally reject it, as would all of my friends. When asked who believed such error, where adherents to this "false gospel" might be found, the NCC turned to its theological sources, Moyers and a magazine called Grist, which had also apologized to me. I then contacted the chairman of the NCC task force and asked him about the "some people" who believe this false gospel and the "proud preachers" advancing this false gospel. He could not name such persons.

Again, one of those conservative type lies. We all remember the 2002 Bush administration lie, "There is no plan on the president's desk to go to war." Yeah. It was in his secretary's drawer.

Let's face it. Watt, as with the Evangelical rapture crowd, cares little for the environment because Christ is coming anyway, and Revelations foretells the destruction of the earth. Heck, why preserve something that is going to destroyed anyway.


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