Friday, June 24, 2005

Twilight Zone Episode on Manequins

I watched the Twilight Zone on Sci Fi the other night. I should say that I get freaked out easily, but I am powerless to stop myself from watching stuff that freaks me out . . . alone and at night. I once watched a couple of Stephen King movies by myself in a 60 room dorm during a school break when no one was around. Talk about hearing noises.

Anyway, this episode was about a lady who went to the 9th floor of a department store. There were a lot of fixtures but they were bare. She approached a sales lady and asked if she had a gold thimble. The lady said that she did. It was perfect. Then the buyer lady got freaked out. How is it that you have absolutely nothing, no merchandise here, but this gold thimble that I wanted? Sales lady smiled. Then the elevator opens up and the elevator guy says, "going down!" Buyer lady gets in the elevator is explaining how freaked out she is. This guy keeps saying, "Complaints are level 3" and promptly drops her off. She then complains to the manager who informs her that there is no 9th floor.

She then sees the back of the sales lady and screams, "That's her! the lady who sold me the thimble!" and then she watches in horror as an employee turns the sales lady around and carries her away. She was a manequin. (Okay, I was more than a touch freaked out at this point).

Anyway, [I missed couple of minutes], she apparently falls asleep in the store I think while waiting to speak to a manager and wakes up after hours. She's locked in and can't get out. She then hears the manequins talking to her and she thinks she sees them move. There's a few minutes of bumping into things and trying to run until she backs into a wall or something and starts to cry. Then thimble sales lady calls her. Buyer lady is asking what's going on? Sales lady is saying, "remember."

Finally, it comes to her slowly. She actually, like the rest of them, is a manequin. And each manequin takes a month out of the year to be like the rest of us. But apparently she had forgotten and was a day late. It was no the sales lady's turn. And so everyone then wished fun and all that stuff and returned to being manequin. The next morning the manager notices the buyer lady manequin and pauses . . . "No! It can't be!" As he walks away.

I love the Twilight Zone, but it can be hit or miss and this one was a hit: freaky and unexpected. My favorites? I have to say that this one and the one with the blind-without-the-glasses guy who loved to read books and was the only one to survive a world ending nuclear explosion because he was in a vault secretly reading books. The catch was that as he walked around and witnessed the devastation he comes upon the library and almost has an out-of-body experience in seeing all the books. He claps his hands in glee which causes his glasses to fall to the ground and break. Yep, Oh, crap, buddy!


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Too right: that mannequin episode is classic.

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