Friday, July 08, 2005

Not Knowing What to say

about the London bombings, everything has been said in much better ways. Of course, I pray for the victims and families.

But here's a cartoon from Marshall Ramsey that I can say speaks for me:

update:btw, that's Hitler talking to bin Laden


Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Please pray for unity of faiths, as there maybe a backlash against the Muslims and other races here in the UK.

We have have to stand together against all Terrorists.

Lord God, please bring peace to the World, and unity amongst the Faiths. The Terror attacks in London will bring unrest amonst the peoples in England, please give them peace Lord, and help to heal the hurt, and bring comfort to those that morn the loss of a loved one or friend. Lord God you are Father of all and know the hearts of all Lord. Please lord with your power let the terrorism across the your World stop. Amen.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Ono said...


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