Monday, August 13, 2007

The Rover Leaves

I see on CNN that Rove has resigned. For staunch Democrats and liberals, this would normally be an issue of some mirth. But the truth is I'm not sure that anyone cares that much now. Rove's legacy after 2000 was as a brilliant political strategist. But now, he is forever linked with what may be considered the worst presidency ever. History is not going to kind to him. His style embodied the worst of negative politics and capture the Orwellian new speak ideal to the full.

Rove's ascent precipitated a decline in the notion of truth and substance in political discourse and perception. When one thinks of the lies of the present administration, Rove is inextricably linked and present in that picture.

LBJ was a master of politics to an inhuman degree, but the fact is that he had positives to show for it such as the Civil Rights legislation. Rove and Bush really do not have anything but path strewn with blown opportunities and deception. Of course, the Iraq War is the primary thing. Regardless of what happens in that war, it has been a momentous failure. The costs alone, $451 billion (via Faithful Progressive) is staggering. For that kind of money, nothing's been accomplished a few more billions will be spent before this thing is over. Money wasted to this degree is Rove's legacy.

What could we have done with $451 billion? Education, Infrastructure, Health care, Tax relief for middle class and poor, social programs, strengthen first responders and emergence response, economy issues, help small businesses, etc.

Let's just say, Rove will not be missed.