Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kerry for Obama

Kerry has thrown his hat in the ring and endorsed Obama.

Good move by both.

The reports were that this was weeks in the works but they weren't sure how it would play in Iowa and NH. Obviously Obama did not need Iowa help but boy, could he have used Kerry in NH. We have to recall that IA brought Kerry back, so it may not have been a bad idea to have gotten this endorsement earlier. I do think they could have done this the Monday before the NH primary, so that they'd have a good story for the news cycle to blunt out Clinton's tears. (I love MLK jr's line that we did not see tears for Katrina).

How does this help Obama. Kerry name recognition, email lists, and stature gives Obama a boost. It now gives other establishment Democrats cover to endorse Obama. Also, Kerry's been through this and has solid practical advice for that team. I don't know that it is clear that Kerry brings tons of voters. I think so. I think it would be a boost for contributions and would add Kerry folks to the mix.

I loved the endorsement speech. It was good to see Mr Kerry up there. Also, Obama now has a powerful spokesperson in Kerry, who can deliver a hard message in lieu of Obama who can keep his hands clean. Kerry evoked MLK, obviously a slap in the face of the Clintons who have wandered into an Obama/MLK snafu. Kerry can help push the message of Obama as the next MLK or RFK. He can make the case and he has the national stature to push the case.

So what then for Kerry if Obama wins? Kerry, like Biden, is one of those who is constantly spoken off as an ideal Secretary of State. While I think he would be excellent at that, I just don't see it. Hopefully, a President Obama would look to Kerry for SCOTUS. I think he would make a great Supreme Court Justice.

Anyway, it's going to be fascinating to see how all this plays out.