Thursday, June 27, 2002

I just completed Kathryn Lively's Murder Most Trivialand I can say I truly enjoyed it. MMT is a murder mystery that involves Dan Greevey and his son Jason and web of interesting characters. Jason Greevey, concerned for his life, investigates the "coincidental" deaths of two apparently unrelated finalists at a local trivia event. KL weaves in quite a few characters and yet is able to give them sufficient depth. The descriptions and the dialog take you into the world of the Greeveys. You can see the places and almost hear the people. Perhaps, more importantly for me, I could create and imagine the characters as distinct personalities, which makes the story so much easier to read when dealing with that many characters. The story is great, unpredictable and gripping. The Catholicism is genuinely present and yet not over bearing. I did not see this as a Catholic story, rather it was, to me, a story with Catholic protagonists.

There is a genuine feeling of satisfaction when you get to the end of a good mystery novel. I was genuinely satisfied that I had spent three lunch breaks reading MMT.


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