Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I just found this blog on men and women souls, Summa Contra Mundum . . . I guess it is an argument against women's ordination. In my opinion, it is not wise to make speculative statements about souls and such-like, because we simply do not know. Neither is it wise to suggest, even remotely, that the spiritual or metaphysical constitution of a woman has anything to do with the prohibition against their ordination.

There is no argument for or against women's ordination, save that we know of no ordained women by Christ or his apostles and we do not have the authority to act otherwise. Just as imprudent it is to suggest that there is something intrinsic to wheat bread or grape wine that makes them suitable for the Eucharist, save that Christ chose them, perhaps based on the symbolism the Jewish religious culture, so also is it imprudent to make claims about women's souls besaed on metaphysical speculation that is suspect at best. Life, unfortunately or fortunately, is not a logical metaphysical puzzle. It is safer and more reasonable to assert what is known.


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