Thursday, August 15, 2002

Ultra-busy day at work heute (working on my Deutches). Interesting comments in blog world today.

St Blogs seems to be happy, generally speaking, that the Vatican has squashed the Dallas document accoring to DB's report. I think this is a bad thing. Besides being a bad move it undermines the Bishops. The Pope maybe the Vicar of Christ but Christ selected twelve apostles not one, and they as a body had responsibilities. The Holy See has left no role for the Bishops but to be zombies or puppets. I think it is a shame, if it is the fact that the Charter was squashed.

Another important point is that I think the universal church underestimates the sway of the U.S. Church, if the news of the rejection of the Charter is not recieved well here it would have a profound effect on the U.S. Church which would have a ripple effect on the universal Church. Just my opinion.

Many in St. Blogs seem to be unhappy with the declaration on Jews and Christians that we should not try to evangelize or convert the Jews. Since you are dying to know what I have to say, I say Oh well! I think it is not a bad move actually, but don't ask me why.

In the mean time I am trying to make a monumental decision, should I remain at my present job with its decent salary and good benefits or should I work full time at my Catholic retail business?


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