Saturday, September 07, 2002

We finally made it back to Maryland in one piece. It actually took a lot less time than we imagined to get from Dayton, Ohio to Maryland. It took 10 hours but actually about 7-8 hours of driving time. Our 9 month old was great, so we didn't have to stop too often.

My wife and I just watched A Beautiful Mind. I'd give the movie a 7/8 out of 10 rating. I think Mr. Crowe deserved the Oscar, he is a very good actor. The movie was not as great as I expected but it is worth a watch.

I finally developed a few pictures that I took at World Youth Day and I should post them soon. I also have another roll that needs to be developed. Not all the pictures came out but the ones that do I think give you a sense of what the mood was like.

The NFL is finally here!! I am a football junkie, I have to confess. Unfortunately, our subdivision does not allow satellite disks so I can't watch the Bills every week, but I sure do and will listen to them every Sunday.

I need to get more specific info but it seems that the issue of reparations is gaining some ground in the evangelical-pentecostal Protestant community, i.e., the TBN crowd. Supporters have received some significant and positive air time. Since the evangelical crowd is very Republican it may not be steady ground, but there is a commitment among the Pentecostal press such as TBN and Charisma magazine to address racial inequities, especially in their history.

The US basketball team lost two games in a row. This is an ultimate embarasment. How could it happen? Too much "hot dogging" little defence and outside shooting. Even if it wasn't our best players, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis, etc are no slouches. I think they just didn't take the world seriously enough. This is an example of the blindness of supremacy, you don't pay attention to when people may be gaining on you. Hopefully, USA basketball will pay attention to this ---kicking.


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