Thursday, November 07, 2002

It seems that John Kerry of MA is slowly emerging as a favorite in the race to lead the Dems. Chris Matthews seems to think that Gore has his soldiers in the field, Ford et al, shooting down current leadership so that he can re-emerge as the leader. I think Gore is certainly qualified, but being qualified has nothing to do with being president, I think you have to be, first and foremost, likeable and affable, and charismatic, that was Clinton's strength and Dubya's. Gore is as qualified as anyone on domestic and international issues, and is very good with the environment, but the democrats need a personality. Kerry might be that person, I haven't heard or seen Edwards of NC much and I see little hope with him. The other posibility might be from the ranks of governors. BTW, there is a concern that Kerry may loose his appeal beyond the Northeast.

But here's the catch, Bush has the trump cards, Rice and Powell. If Bush puts either one on his ticket for 2004, he will get a chunk of the Black vote. Rice is likely, Powell not. Again, the loss of Powell and Rice, who could very easily fit the mould as moderate democrats, was a miscalculation on the Democrats part. They could have courted them early and often, but they didn't.

If Clinton, Hillary, that is, runs for president, the Democrats loose. I wouldn't even vote for her, too left. She would alienate so many people including the center.

Oh well, I can't worry about this, as long as the party does not go more left. I'm interested to see what the Independents and Greens offer, I just might go that route in 04. Maybe I should consider running for office . . . I gotta go, I need to work on my message.


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