Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Blogger's been acting crazy lately.

Well, we are on our way to war many people think that it would end up like the invasion of Panama years ago. Sporadic fighting but lightning quick overall. I hope so.

Bush et al would do well to begin to mend some diplomatic fences post war, we certainly cannot bear the post-war burden alone. I think it is telling when not even Canada and Mexico support us. it speaks to a failure in this administration's foreign policy.

Looking into the crystal ball, do I see an economic recovery? I don't know, we certainly need things to go better on this front. I think there is potential for economic growth but this potential rests on shaky legs. The circumstances post war could easily tip things in the craziest of directions.

I think the Catholic hierarchy needs to rethink its war stance. They seem to be coming close to putting war in the same boat with the death penalty. If the Vatican was threatened with invasion and destruction by a sadistic, irrational dictator type, I don't imagine there would be much of this anti-war rhetoric. I think they can validly express their views, but they are putting millions of American catholics in a difficult position, including thousands of Catholic troops and chaplains, by somewhat intimating that the US is doing the wrong thing.

There are many of us who think that the Bush people bungled this one, but that the object/concern for disarmament is valid and since we are in this position here and now, we cannot not act.

One cannot emphasize enough the horrible precedent Bush has set. Both China and Russia now have a precedent for trumping international concensus and pre-emptively striking at other nations they regard as harmful to their interests. Not that they cared much for international convention prior to this, but by us maintaining a certain gold-standard protocol, when the Russias and Chinas of the world acted illegally, it was understood that their actions were such. Now, they can argue otherwise base on the US precedent.


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