Thursday, March 27, 2003

CNS-Confidence Building Meesage for Teenage Girls: "God thinks you're a BABE!"Scroll down to find story.

Seminar promotes healthy self-image for young women

OSCEOLA, Wis. (CNS) -- During a seminar at St. Joseph Church in Osceola, a former New York City model and author told a group of teen-age girls: "God thinks you're a BABE!" The seminar showed teens that all people are BABES, meaning "Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed and Eternally Significant." The keynote speaker, Andrea Stephens, grew up in Wisconsin and now lives in California, where she is beauty editor of Brio magazine, Focus on the Family's publication for teen-age girls. Brio is an Italian word meaning "full of energy, life and enthusiasm," a phrase that easily describes the energy Stephens brought to St. Joseph Church. In her speech, Stephens warned her audience not to be fooled by society's unrealistic standard of beauty. Instead, she encouraged members to focus on inner beauty and turn to God for a healthy self-image.


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