Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I think it is pretty clear that in the next 20-30 years, many more countries, epecially Middle Easter and Far Eastern ones, will possess nuclear weapons. We simply cannot prevent it any longer. International treaties are only relevant when nations are honorable and seek peace. I think our efforts should not be to stop the proliferation of these weapons but the development of counter measures. I think military R&D spending needs to be increased drastically especially on weapons systems that can protect us from hostile attacks.

The fact that more countries will have nuclear weapons I think would be a deterent in itself. However, some unstable types may use them and this is precisely what would put an end to this round of proliferation. For instance if Pakistan and India utlilized their nukes on each other, the devastation and destruction that would ensue would be extremely instructive. It seems that we need another Hiroshima to scare the lights out of people and for us to realize that proliferation of wmd are not in humanity's best interest.


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